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Location Van

Your film may need a long shot, but comfort and professionalism are guaranteed with the Camperfun Location Van

Need to get the star ready for their close up? On board privacy is assured with tinted windows plus blinds, and for costume change there is a central area that can be partitioned with the provided curtains. There is a make-up space with a hair dryer and steam iron as well as 8 sockets each with USB ports. Lighting is not a problem, as well as the two onboard lights there are two 240V lamps that can be hooked up to perfect your look before you shoot as well as vanity lighting around the makeup mirror.

It comes equipped with it’s own bathroom so you don’t have to waste time off set

There is seating for 6 and two tables, and an additional table and seating for six outside. Plus a 4m awning

As for the Camper itself, 3l diesel with 6 gears, multi function steering wheel, reverse camera, levelling wheel ramps, and a 3kw generator, plus two solar panels. We have thought of everything to make the whole experience the best it can be for you.

Close up, long shot, even the emotive cowboy shot. All made easy with Camperfuns Location Van!

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About Us

       Camperfun offers a solution for all of you free spirits out there looking for an adventure at your own pace, but still not willing to give up on commodity and comfort. Regardless of whether you are planning on a family road trip, a fun and wild time with your friends or just a quiet and romantic vacation with your significant other, we offer reliable motorhomes for hire in Brighton and Sussex, making sure that you get just the thing you need. We are well aware of all the things that really matter for a fulfilling and enjoyable vacation, that’s why we always put our best efforts into providing you with all the necessities and some extras so that you can travel the UK and Europe without having to follow any schedule but your own.