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About Us

Camperfun Ltd

If you are bored with arranged trips and holidays that are planned to the detail, why not try something completely different, but still fun, adventurous and more spontaneous? Camperfun offers a solution for all of you free spirits out there looking for an adventure at your own pace, but still not willing to give up on commodity and comfort. Regardless of whether you are planning on a family road trip, a fun and wild time with your friends or just a quiet and romantic vacation with your significant other, we offer reliable motorhomes for hire in Brighton and Sussex area, making sure that you get just the thing you need.

We are well aware of all the things that really matter for a fulfilling and enjoyable vacation that’s why we always put our best efforts into providing you with all the necessities and some extras so that you can travel the UK and Europe without having to follow any schedule but your own. We also provide different options which include everything you need but can be easily calculated into your budget. Namely, unlike group tours which can be somewhat expensive and are based on a strict timetable that you need to follow, with us you will get an economical, safe, comfortable and affordable motorhome offer, giving you the freedom to decide which places you want to visit, where do you want to stay and for how long!


What do we have to offer?

If you are still having second thought about whether to “stay on the safe side” with group tours, worried whether Camperfun can provide all the things you might need for your camping trip, let us ease you mind! We provide so much more than just a comfortable and well equipped motorhomes since our offer includes not only the basics such as beds, chairs, picnic tables, but we also take care about your safety offering a first aid kit, a fire extinguisher and a fire blanket, insurance for one or more drivers and a 24 hour roadside assistance, so in case you have any doubts, dilemmas or require any assistance, do not hesitate to contact us.
Finally, our fleet of motorhomes can suit any taste, so feel free to choose from the compact but comfortable Fiat 132, the modern, efficient Fiat T-Line 590, the large 6 berth Fiat T-Line 746 or the massive 7 berth 707 to accompany a whole family or group.

Why choose Camperfun?

If you are wondering why choose our motorhomes, the answer is pretty simple:

  • We offer a reliable and complete motorhome hire service;
  • You can choose the vehicle that suits your needs the most;
  • We offer competitive and affordable prices;
  • With Camperfun, your commodity, comfort and ultimate accommodation is guaranteed.

Feel free to call me for more info or just a friendly chat, Aga 0777 077 1234 or email aga@camperfun.co