Hiring a Motorhome makes Christmas family visits even more fun

I love Christmas, it is a time to celebrate family, and the best way to bring families closer together. But my parents and parents-in-law homes are just not big enough for their children, and grandchildren, to sleep in. Few houses are big enough to have extra adults and children come to stay in any degree of comfort or privacy. And don’t forget the visiting aunts and uncles, and cousins, (so many cousins!). Let us be blunt, we have literally outgrown the house. We’ve had to bring in a motorhome.

The annual trek around the families at Christmas is made so much more attractive when you bring your home from home with you. A Motorhome takes away the stress of overcrowded living rooms, and bedrooms. Hiring a camper van gives you options, and options make life much more pleasant.

Even the drive becomes more pleasurable. No hot overcrowded car with feet precariously perched on presents and bags of treats. The car boot full of suitcases and duvets. The children fretful and bored.


Christmas in a Motorhome

Motorhome Brighton Camperfun LtdWith a hired motorhome you can travel in style. Food in the fridge, drinks in the cupboard, presents neatly stored away. Beds already made up, all your entertainments needs where you want them, and a cup of tea to hand whenever you want one. It is Christmas bliss. Stress free.

I even put a small tree up and the kids decorate the motor home by hanging the odd bauble from suitable knobs and brackets. It quickly gets the holiday feel, pack up, and then we hit the road, driving in comfort on our way home to our families. Instead of it being a pain, packing and driving, renting a Motorhome makes it part of the Christmas pleasure.

And when the clamour for Strictly gets too much for me. Or my better half cannot bear to watch another repeat of Vicar of Dibley, We can just go back to our very own rented camper van and be in our own home, feet up, watching what we want to watch in the warm comfort of our hired Motorhome.

Mornings in bed with a cup of tea in the peace our own bed, no folding up the sofa bed (and I will never forget the year of the inflatable mattress!)

It often happens that the kids are having a great time in the house, running around with cousins, being spoilt by Grandma, and a couple of adults also manage to escape. Then we have ‘catch-up’ conversations with family and friends. The Christmas bonding begins.


A convoy of Motorhomes?

My brother is talking about also hiring a motor home and after Christmas going up to Scotland for Hogmanay this year. A long drive from his (and my) Motorhome hire pick up, but there are family to visit on the way, and it would be a great experience.

And now that he has brought up the idea several other family members are discussing if more of us could get together. Go convoy style, up North!  And as we are biking family we could take the cycles, some great cycle paths to use on the way. The Upper Don Valley would be a must do, following the Woodhead railway line, it is 9.5 miles of flat well maintained cycle path.

A more demanding ride of 17 miles, and some hills, is the Perth to Dunkeld, the more hardy cyclists could do this and be met at the end of the ride with one or more Motorhomes. After a brief bask in the admiration of our loving families (I wish!) a hot shower followed by food and festive drink. My ideal way to spend Christmas.

Friends ask why we don’t use hotels, but the price hike over the Festive season makes that option unaffordable. And I don’t want to stay somewhere where I cannot feel at home. I like the freedom to be where I want and when I want. A hired Motor home gives me that freedom.

So, when there is no room at the Inn over Christmas you know what to do, hire a Motorhome.