5 places to take a motorhome in 2018

A new year has arrived and that means there are new places to explore with a campervan. A Campervan opens up a host of wonderful places to visit in freedom and getting you to places that are a little more off the beaten track.

Here are five places in the UK to visit with a campervan

The Lake District

Motorhome Brighton Camperfun LtdThe Lake District is the largest park in the UK and to really explore in like never before a campervan makes absolute sense. A campervan turns this idyllic place into a holiday heaven for older couples and young families. With a campervan, you can get up close to places such as Lake Windermere with some of the best campsites anywhere in the UK at your disposal.

The Cotswolds

Heading a in an easterly direction why not head to the land of swallows and amazons. The Cotswolds seem to be been naturally grown for campervan holidays or long weekends away. A place such as the impressive Tewkesbury Abbey is one of many places that visitors will love. There are plenty of amazing museums and other attractions in the region but alternatively why not park your campervan up and just soak up the scenery that surrounds you.

The Isle of Wight

For those residing in Sussex, the Isle of Wight makes for the ideal quick getaway with a Campervan. Heading in Hampshire and then hopping on an affordable ferry, the Isle of Wight has some of the best camping spots in the UK. With your Campervan, the Isle of Wight is super easy to explore and you will find many local gems that you might not otherwise see if you were trapped in a guesthouse or hotel.

North Wales

surf campervanNorth Wales is fast becoming a tourist mecca and the region is not just about the Snowdonia national park. A Campervan makes the perfect vehicle for those who love the outdoors and want to have activity on their doorstep. Exploring the growing number of outside, indoor and underground activities in North Wales with a Campervan open up the historic part of the world like never before. With Castles, walking and cycling trails and even an inland surfing venue with a campsite North Wales comes alive with a campervan

Devon and Cornwall

With a Campervan, the popular holiday counties of Devon and Cornwall open up like never before. A journey from Brighton to Penzance can become vacation with some of the best and most beautiful stop off points anywhere in the world, not just the UK. Take one route down the bottom most point of England on an inland route and head back home following the coast. A Campervan makes everything so accessible and fun.

There are so many amazing places to visit in the UK and hired campervan opens up a completely new world of exploration. Where would you go if you had a campervan? These five ideas should get your juices flowing and get you ready for adventure.