Motorhomes, a Rugby Cup Final weekend and other sport

While football remains the dominant spectator sport in the UK, Rugby is beginning to catch up. With all this sport on the go around the country and the cost of hotels being quite high, a motorhome hired from Camperfun makes  great sense.

motorhome rugby final

The Aviva premiership rugby final 2018 is not the only sporting event in the UK where a Motorhome hired from Camperfun makes sense. All over the country there are sporting events taking place. A home on wheels will make things fun and easy.  In the summer months there are a number of 5-day cricket tests where a motorhome makes the perfect mode of transport.

Twickenham might not be very far away from Brighton’s leading motorhome or campervan hire company, but it’s not about the distance. Hiring a motorhome in Sussex is all about convenience, comfort and affordability.  Imagine you and the family or you and a few mates making a weekend away out of the Aviva premiership rugby final. Turning an ordinary cup final into an adventure never to be forgotten.


Motorhome Brighton Camperfun LtdWith your rugby cup final tickets in hand you can pick up your motorhome from our conveniently located Brighton offices on the Friday before the match and head up to a number of campsites only a few miles from Twickenham stadium. With a home cooked meal and a good night’s sleep in a fully equipped motorhome such as the 6-berth Fiat T-Line 746 your weekend will be off to a great start.

No need to rush to get to the stadium the next day as you have spent the night close by. Wake up, have some breakfast, and then take a short drive to Twickenham. Park up in the official parking area only 10 minutes walk from the stadium. Once parked, you can put the kettle on and decide if you want to wrap up warm of dress cooler. A hired motorhome really is superbly convenient making a rugby cup final easier and more fun than ever before.



After the game, you can take a leisurely stroll back to your home on wheels. While waiting for the traffic to die down you can put the kettle on for a tea or coffee. Or the non-drivers can have a celebratory beer. Once the craziness of the traffic has calmed you can make your way back to your campsite or choose another. You can look forward to a home cooked meal in the comfort of your own motorhome.

Once Sunday comes you can either take a gentle drive home to Camperfun in Brighton or be clever. Taking Monday off work to explore a little with the convenience of your hired motorhome. You can find a pub for lunch, and make a leisurely day out of it. You might even begin planning your next sporting adventure. Especially now you appreciate the convenience, comfort and affordability of having the use of a motorhome for the weekend.

Hiring a motorhome from Brighton for a sporting weekend is a superbly different way to make a weekend different. Why not hire a campervan from Camperfun for the next Brighton and Hove Albion away match?  Not only will you get to watch some great sport but also have an amazing weekend away.