Not so grim up north with a Motorhome

North StatueIn the UK, there is a tongue in cheek saying that it is grim up north but this is not true. With a motorhome hired from the leading motorhome hire company in Sussex, the north of England can become anything but grim.

The North of England is a vast part of the UK that is easily accessible with a hired motorhome. For a small family, couple or group of friends a motorhome hired for a few days or a week or two opens up a wonderful holidaying experience. The North of England will come alive with a motorhome. Even out of the way pockets of the country can be explored and enjoyed with ease and with great affordability.


Hiring your motorhome from Brighton at the start of your holiday to Yorkshire, Lancashire, Cumbria or perhaps Merseyside is just the start of what will be an amazing adventure. Taking it easy and soaking up the back roads more than the motorways with your well-equipped, easy to drive Motorhome is  all part of a holiday in the North of England that will be more than memorable. Slowing down and taking in the scenery with the convenience of being able to park off and look at a view from the equivalent of your own living room is something special.


Light on fuel and affordable to hire your hired motorhome makes a holiday in the north of England very affordable. With many campsites ready and waiting for you you can enjoy a different place every day waking up to a new view each morning. Campsites flood the North of England and a quick Google will soon allow you to plan a twisting, winding tour in your Motorhome or find you the most central spot to return home to each night for a week or so. A Motorhome hired from Camper Fun in Brighton is not just affordable but brings massive flexibility to your north of England holiday.

North England CampsiteYour hired motorhome is your mobile home from home with all the creature comforts of home. With a motorhome you are never in any rush and your timetable and agenda is pretty much your own.  You can choose to be in or near cities or on the middle of nowhere such as the Yorkshire Dales, the choice is yours. With so many campsites and places to park up for the day or night your motorhome allows you to get under the skin of the North of England.

A few top places to visit have to include:


Whitby is one of the most enchanting seaside towns in the UK. Nestled on the Yorkshire coast you will find this place truly magical. Don’t forget to visit Whitby Abbey and climb the 199 steps to the top. Broadings Farm is a great place near Whitby to stay

The Peak District

To find a specific highlight about the Peak District is impossible, but with a hired Motorhome this impressive part of England can be explored from top to bottom. Park up and hike for a day or explore small towns such as Castleton with its 12th Century Fort, Peveril Castle. The Peak District can fill a holiday all on its own.


The Lake District, just like the Peak District, opens up to be explored with a hired motorhome. Coniston is one of the more popular and very beautiful places to visit in the Lake District. What makes Coniston so special is that is not that easily accessible but with a motorhome all this changes.

If anyone ever tells you, it is grim up north then tell them to get away. In fact tell them to get away in a hired motorhome and explore the North of England for themselves with a motorhome and they will see it is not grim at all.

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