The UK has some of the most amazing places to visit when on holiday. Very often people book a holiday park, guesthouse or hotel and find themselves static in a restricted area. With a Motorhome hired from Camperfun in Brighton, the country can be explored further, deeper, and better with ease. Here are just some of the must see places in the West Country. Which your Motorhome can get you and your family closer to.

The West Country

The West Country is the bottom left hand side of the UK, and about 130 miles from the Camperfun Headquarters in Brighton. Four counties make up the region, Cornwall, Devon, Dorset and Somerset. It is a place full of Celtic myths and legends and picturesque villages. As well as some of the most impressive coastlines in the world. A Motorhome opens up this impressive landscape making it free to explore.

Milton Abbas: A true English Village

Milton Abbas Motorhome must seeOne of the most picturesque villages in the UK can be found in Dorset. With its whitewashed cottages and their thatched roofs the village of Milton Abbas is the epitome of a sleepy British Village.

Milton Abbey and its private school are what make the town famous. The story is that in 1780 Lord Milton did not like Middleton, believing it spoiled his otherwise perfect views. He had the town destroyed and commissioned the architect, Sir William Chambers and landscape gardener Capability Brown to create the wonderful village we see today.

There are a number of superb, and very peaceful, camping sites near Milton Abbas that will ensure you can make the most of just one overnight stay before moving on.

Clovelly: Donkeys and Clotted Cream

Clovelly Motrohome must seeOn the North Devon Coast of the West Country the now world famous, former fishing village of Clovelly is a must see with your hired motorhome. The quaint and well-maintained village is like a living museum. Cobbled streets that flow through perfectly maintained historic properties and fisherman’s cottages.

The village has banned traffic. Instead, donkeys pulling sledges make deliveries. The village is a place that any family will love to explore. Taking the time for some clotted cream and freshly baked scones is an absolute must.

There are some wonderful places to park your motorhome when spending a day exploring Clovelly. You can take some clotted cream home and enjoy it in the comfort of your home on wheels.

Tintagel:  A place of legend

Tintagel MotorhomeFor those who love stories of King Arthur, Merlin and maybe a few dragons, Tintagel on the Cornwall Peninsula is a place that cannot be ignored. No motorhome holiday in the West Country will be complete with a visit.

On a rugged outcrop of rocks with the waves of the sea crashing ashore not far away, the sheer beauty of Tintagel is enough for most people. However, it is the legends that surround the ruins of Tintagel Castle that are the main draw cards for visitors. Legend says King Arthur,  disguised by Merlin, was conceived on this very spot. Whether you choose to believe it or not it is up to you.

The castle does factually date back to the 13th Century and the nearby village has a post office building that dates back to the 14th century. There is a lot to explore at and around Tintagel and with your motorhome you can explore at your leisure as your timetable is your own.

Again, there are many superb spots to park off for the night, or a few nights with your motorhome and you can actually stay a lot closer to the home of King Arthur than many others.

This is part of one of a short series on exploring the West Country with a hired Motorhome from Camperfun. Come back next week for part two or simply hire a Motorhome today and begin your own West Country Adventure.