Motorhome Must See Places: West Country – Part 2

In part 1 of Motorhome Must See Places: West Country, we explored  Milton Abbas, Clovelly and Tintagel. In Part 2 we will uncover some other must see places in the West Country, these are places that become so much easier to explore with a Motorhome hired from Camperfun in Brighton.

Camelot: Cadbury Castle

west country motorhome cadbury castleWe kick off part two of the brief tour of the West Country with a little bit more Arthurian legend at Cadbury Castle not far from Sherborne in Somerset. The Castle is actually a hill fort and is said to be the home of King Arthur that everyone knows as Camelot. Legend has it that at this castle, King Arthur assembled his knights and it is here that the famous Round Table is supposed to have been situated. In fact, Cadbury Castle has been a fort of some kind since the early Bronze and Iron Ages. Celts and Romans had even fought there.  It was finally abandoned by the Saxons in the 11th century. Little still stands of the castle itself apart from the ramparts which archaeologists are still intrigued by.

There are a number of very good campsites that can become home for you with your Motorhome only a stone’s throw from Sherborne. The town of Sherborne itself is also worthwhile exploring should you have time.

The Hovis Bread Hill: Shaftesbury

There are many people who can vividly remember an iconic TV advert from the 1970’s that featured a young boy and a bicycle carrying a loaf of Hovis to the top of a steep, cobbled hill. Because the narrator had a thick Yorkshire accent most viewers assumed the street was somewhere in the North of England but they would be wrong. The famous location is actually Gold Hill in Shaftesbury in Dorset. Gold Hill is a street that is, for many, the epitome of an English village. Movies, TV shows and even cristmas cards use this same road. It portrays the stereotypical image of a time gone by. It sits not far from the ruins of Shaftesbury Abbey and can found in the very centre of the town itself.

Shaftesbury is the perfect stopping point for anyone with a Motorhome hired for a few days. There are plenty of places to park up and spend the night and one could quite easily spend an entire week in this stunning part of the UK.

Wells Cathedral

wells motorhomeWells Cathedral is one of the most spectacular landmarks in Somerset. The architectural masterpiece fills the rural landscape of Bath and Wells and is one of the most magnificent cathedrals in Europe. Built in an early English Gothic style in the 12th century the cathedral is famous for its medieval carvings on the Western wall. It also has impressive stained glass windows that are considered among the best maintained in the world.

There are many caravan and camping sites not far from Wells Cathedral and, again, the area close by is well worth exploring with your motorhome for a few days.

A Cornish Must See: St Michael’s Mount

Motorhome Brighton Camperfun LtdOn an island that is only reachable at low tide, St Michael’s Mount is perhaps one of the most well-know of all the attractions in the West Country. Home to the St Aubyn family since the 1650’s this iconic part of the West Country has been part of Cornish folklore and legends for  more than 600 years. Today, the National Trust maintains St Michael’s Mount.

This popular landmark is surrounded by a number of campsites that can become your home from home in your hired motorhome.

A hired motorhome will allow incredible exploration of The West Country for a very reasonable price. Why not hire your motorhome today and take your family or friends on a West Country holiday that will never be forgotten.